I'm Holly Jo, I was the "Gold Girl" tour guide the last 3 years at Porcupine Creek in Haines, AK. Two years at John & Parker Schnabel's Big Nugget Gold Mine and one year at Dakota Fred's Porcupine Creek Gold Mine. Not sure what I will be doing this year as the Gold tours at Porcupine Creek are not offered any more...and I kinda got fired.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rainbows, Mudslides, Sink Holes, Bears, and Gold

Rainbow Glacier Adventure Team of 2011
What a great group of people to know!
Bottom Row: Nell, Tom
Next Row Up: Bruce, Deb
Next Row Up: Emily, Edie, and Bob
Next Row Up: Me, Stella
Next Row Up: Carol, Joe
Next Row Up: CJ, Jen, and Robert
Top Row: Denise....but she is hiding

Tour season is quickly coming to a close.  We have 3 Cruise Ship days left (today being one of the three).  We had our end of the year party with Rainbow Glacier Adventures a week ago.
Jen Reid's beautiful retreat on Mud Bay

 It was great fun out in the Mud Bay district.  Halibut and Salmon were on demand...