I'm Holly Jo, I was the "Gold Girl" tour guide the last 3 years at Porcupine Creek in Haines, AK. Two years at John & Parker Schnabel's Big Nugget Gold Mine and one year at Dakota Fred's Porcupine Creek Gold Mine. Not sure what I will be doing this year as the Gold tours at Porcupine Creek are not offered any more...and I kinda got fired.

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

My Close Encounter of the Bear Kind

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I took Cruise Ship guests, Joe & Fred, out to Chilkoot River on Forth of July evening. 
We stopped at all my favorite spots. When we drove up to the Deer Rock pullout it was already taken by a little SUV, so I pulled over and parked on the hillside of the road.   The three of us walked across the road and down the path to the rivers edge