I'm Holly Jo, I was the "Gold Girl" tour guide the last 3 years at Porcupine Creek in Haines, AK. Two years at John & Parker Schnabel's Big Nugget Gold Mine and one year at Dakota Fred's Porcupine Creek Gold Mine. Not sure what I will be doing this year as the Gold tours at Porcupine Creek are not offered any more...and I kinda got fired.

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Friday, June 14, 2013


Haines, Alaska May, 15th 2013.  Our surprise Cruise Ship visit
one week early.  At Port Chilkoot Dock a.k.a. PC Dock.

Hello Summer Tour Season 2013!  The Cruise Ships are back...making lasting memories for the lucky souls who travel up the Inside Passage of Southeast Alaska.
Haines received our first cruise ship one week early this year, due to the Lynn Canal being too windy for Holland America's Statendam to make it up to Skagway.  Their loss was our gain... but the town still felt a little like "getting caught with our pants down" as we scrambled to get last minute tours together and souvenirs put on the shelves.  It turned out to be a gorgeous sunny day, a great start for what we hope to be one of our best summers yet. Click here to read more