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Saturday, October 27, 2012

I am following John & Parker Schnabel on Gold Rush Season 3

I am super excited that Season 3 of Gold Rush is finally here.  I got together with my family in Arizona to watch the season premier.  It is fun seeing Parker Schnabel, John Schnabel, and Porcupine Creek on national television.  Especially since I got to take tour guests to the Schnabel's Big Nugget Mine all summer long to pan for gold nuggets.
 I didn't write many blogs about the Gold Rush to Porcupine tour this summer because I had to be careful not to post photos that would "give away" what was happening at Big Nugget Mine, but now that Gold Rush is airing I can post photos after the episode airs and not show things before they happened, right?
I was elated when John Schnabel suggested me as his gold panning tour guide back in 2011.  Rainbow Glacier Adventures ran the gold panning to Big Nugget Mine tours for the Schnabels and hired me as their "Gold Girl" guide.  I am so lucky!