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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Gold Rush of 2011 has started

The first "Gold Rush to Porcupine Tour" started on Memorial day weekend with 10 people on board to the gold road to Porcupine.  We drove up the scenic Haines Highway through the Bald Eagle Preserve.  Joe Ordonez and CJ Jones gave excellent commentary of the area and the rich history of Dalton's Trail.  We crossed over the Klehini River and into the Porcupine Gold District of 1898.

We visited 16 yr old Parker Schnabel at his Big Nugget Mine...
where their operation is in full swing.  Parker explained the workings of the "grizzly" and "jig" while we stood beside the raging Porcupine Creek.
 It is pretty awesome to see a 16 yr old young man in charge of his grandfather's, John Schnabel, successful Gold Mine of 25 years.  Normally, it is hard just to get a 16 yr old to make their bed....and here Parker is running the gold mine and allowing tours to come and catch gold fever by panning for the rich yellow nuggets.

Parker brought each of us a pan and a bag of dirt so we could try our luck.  Soon everyone was working the pan like pros and after a bit you could hear the holler of delight as they glimpsed gold in the bottom of their pan!  Everyone was thrilled to find $20 to $30 dollar nuggets in their pan!  Parker is a great gold host.

Parker, of course, is a pro.....so he found a bit more in his pan.  We were all smiles as we said our good byes to Parker and Big Nugget Gold Mine.  We made a last stop by Porcupine Creek where a veranda and chairs are available to sit and take in the gorgeous views of the mountains and creek......oh, and the Discovery Channel's hit TV Show, "Gold Rush: ALASKA".

Their gold mine operation is right there and visible for a sneak peak at the happenings on the site. You can't see their set up from the main road, they have it blocked off to visitors.  The only way to view their mine is on the Schnabel's land, as they are neighbors with the Porcupine Creek in the middle.

We had 3 tours go out for our starting week of the Gold Rush to Porcupine Tour. Gold Fever was contagious with many saying they want to come back for more gold panning.  They also said they would check out Discovery Channel's TV show next season as Parker Schnabel is being filmed more often this summer and may become a little celebrity himself.  He is such a cute kid, he deserves all the success in the world!

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  1. That seems like a fun and exciting tour... gold and fame all in one. I think your right about Parker... I think he will be famous. I know I watch the Deadlist catch and hope for the best for Capt Phil's son's as they take over the family business. I will try to find when the Alaska Gold Rush is on discovery channel so I can watch that.

  2. I've never heard about this tour before and its something very unique. Very luring as well and I'd rather sit back and try to get more gold on the pan instead of straining my muscle trying to know the surroundings.

  3. Yeah Definitely it will be very rocking and unique. Best of Luck !
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  4. All people on the photos are smiling, they are sure fun!

  5. I have a new small family that I want to take on vacation my little one and I love to watch the discovery show and if this tour stays small and running we will most definetly be looking into it for this spring

  6. Parker Schnabel is so HOTT! <3 i wanna picture with him :)

  7. I totally enjoyed that tour, My sisters and I had a sisters outing and now have a wonderful memory. Thanks

  8. ADRIANO GUIMARAESMarch 4, 2013 at 11:38 AM

    I´m brazilian and I like the fever gold and before I don't meeting Porcupine Creek , Big nugget mine and quartzo creek . I am a of the fan Parker , Jack hoffman and Dakota Fred . "THANKS",

    I go on attend FEVER GOLD at Discovery channel ,

    Adriano Guimarães Belém - Pará - Brasil