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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Gold Nuggets are being Panned at Big Nugget Mine

Hello Haines Alaska Fans!  I have a new blog highlighting our first couple of tours to Big Nugget Mine.  Click on the link below to see photos of guests meeting Parker Schnabel and panning for gold nuggets at Porcupine Creek.

Gold Nuggets are being panned at Big Nugget Mine

I went to Haines, Alaska's 2nd annual Tourism Night on May 9th, 2012 at the American Bald Eagle Foundation. I was happy to see John Schnabel at the event.  He brightens the day with his big smile and contagious laugh.  He was there to listen to his grandson, Parker, who was one of the speakers during the program.   

Haines, Alaska's Tourism Director, Tanya Carlson, has done a great job getting Haines on the map.  She is working with other Southeast Alaska towns to ask Cruise Ship's to visit the lesser known ports of the Inside Passage like; Sitka and Haines.  They are calling it BACKROADS ALASKA.  It would be a great Cruise...docking at the hidden gems of Southeast Alaska.

Last year our guest speakers were Todd Hoffman & Dakota Fred from the Gold Rush TV show.  This year's speakers were the young entrepreneurs of Haines, Alaska.  Parker Schnabel is one of many hardworking youth in Haines.  He talked about running a Gold Mine, being on a TV Show, and hosting Gold Panning tours at the young age of 17.  He handles all the responsibility with the professional ease of a man older than his years, yet his age gives way when you get a glimpse of his shy smile and shirk of the shoulders.  

This is a funny photo I captured.  It looks like Parker is about to become Moose Nuggets, lol.  All the youth were great speakers, it was an entertaining evening to be sure.

Speaking of photos, I appreciate you fans of Parker and John Schnabel who ask me permission to use my photos.  For those fans who have borrowed my photos for your own purposes without permission....please refrain from doing so.  Just come on up to Haines, Alaska and I will help you get your own photos that will be more meaningful to you and your viewers when they come from you.  Thanks friends.

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