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Sunday, December 2, 2012

55 OUNCES BABY - Parker Schnabel Wins

I had a great time watching Parker work super hard and FIND THE GOLD, 55 ounces - YAHOO!!!  It is more enjoyable for me to watch Parker Schnabel make his goals than to watch those poor boys up in the Yukon who can't seem to catch a break.  They work super hard and FAIL FINDING THE GOLD.  Bummer for the Oregon Crew.

What is up with those Dakota Boys?  Last week they almost lost my loyalties when they treated Parker so badly, now this week they started tearing everything up.  I couldn't believe my eyes when they demolished Porcupine Jo's cabin.  She was a historic icon in Haines...up there with John Schnabel's status of hardworking pioneers of Alaska.

Many a young man who came up to Alaska to find their fortune started off working for the one-legged widow who could cuss better than a sailor and was known to shoot at you over gold mining claims.  She owned the claim Dakota Fred is mining now.  She owned it before Earl Foster.  In fact, Earl worked for Porcupine Jo and eventually bought the claim from her.

I have heard some entertaining stories about Porcupine Jo and I am sad I didn't move to Haines before she left this earth.  I would have liked to meet her.  I am also sad to see her neat historic cabin torn down.  It was a cool testament of the gold miners that came before us. Wish they would have moved it to the Porcupine City Ghost-town area a few hundred feet away.

If you want to read great stories of Porcupine Jo and John Schnabel, involving a rifle and the latter of the two being shot at read Heather Lende's book, "If You Lived Here, I'd Know Your Name".  Warning though, her book will make you want to move here....that is what happened to me.

Well, even though Porcupine Jo's cabin is gone..the memories and stories of her live on.  As we are into the Christmas Season I hope you each take time to tell your family, friends, and neighbors that you love them.  Send them a Christmas card....it will make their day.

Speaking of Christmas cards, my Christmas card contest is almost over.  One week left and then the judges will decide who gets the Big Nugget Mine Calendar and Parker Schnabel Poster.  It could be you....believe me....you have a very good chance of winning!  Read my blog post before this one to find out how to win the Big Nugget prize package.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful week.


  1. Hey Holly, love the blog! And I love this show. I'm rooting for all of them but I think Parker is my favorite. Fred can really be a jerk sometimes. Alaska looks amazing! I hope I can visit someday.

    1. Thank you Curt - Parker is my favorite too...well and of course John Schnabel. They are the salt of the earth type of people. I think Fred is a neat guy....he just SEEMS like a jerk on this show for some reason. hahaha Guess we needed a villian. He is doing that well enough eh.

  2. Holly, not sure how to ask a question on a blog...i hope you see this, watched tonights gold rush show and i still can't stop sobbing.....can you please tell me do you know if Grandpa made it thru his surgery ok? Parker is a much wiser man than his 18 years....I hope he can find a way to keep big nugget open. Also, if I can't afford a trip to Alaska to see you, anyway f purchasing the smallest amount of dirt from the big nugget mine to call my own? Really want to support this family anyway we can from Wisconsin.....thanks, Lisa

    1. Hello Lisa - Sounds like you love Grandpa John as much as I do. Sorry it took me so long to see this. You may know he is alive and well and in the planning mode for an excellent birthday coming up on the 11th of Feb. 93 yrs young. Write him a birthday card if you like, he would love it. John Schnabel PO BOX 149 Haines, AK. 99827

    2. Oh and about the dirt. Dakota Fred is selling neat bags of dirt from Porcupine Creek. He was selling them on Ebay athttp://myworld.ebay.com/porcupinecreekgold/ but I do not see them available now. Maybe you could write him on ebay and ask him about it. I know our shop in town Buckshot and Bobby Pins sells them, see https://www.facebook.com/pages/Buckshot-Bobby-Pins/121318691264238

  3. GOLD RUSH excellent show, i dont like how discovery repeats bits.i reckon John Schnabel is a nice humble man. iam sure theres alot of people out there that would wish he was there grandfather. i would like to see the four sites make alot of money. its sad to see todd make too many mistakes. thank you for letting me have my say. regards mark

  4. Howdy, from Texas! Never seen the show, never heard of Porcupine Jo, until now... Is there anywhere to get more information on her life and cabin? I'b getting ready to build a small hunting cabin. If it's close to what I need, I could work with what I see in the only picture I HAVE found... She sounds like someone I would have loved to meet. If I can find a book, or several, maybe I can put them IN the cabin. Also would like info on Dorcey's Cabin.