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Saturday, December 15, 2012


HOWDY FOLKS - Tour Guide Holly here...

First things first - The Big Winner of my Christmas Card contest is Angie Goodwin from Idaho.
She won :
Big Nugget Mine 2013 calendar,
Parker Schnabel poster (cause he is such a "big stud")
and a John Schnabel greeting card.

Thank you to all my SOC Customers who participated, and CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU ANGIE GOODWIN!

I received so many neat Christmas Cards that I plan on having another card contest soon.  Join up with me at  Holly Jo's SOC Customers  so you can participate and win a Big Nugget Mine poster of your very own.

Now onto Gold Rush....

Last night's Gold Rush episode was fun to watch.  Except for the part with Parker Schnabel and his Grandpa John...then I shed a few tears.  I felt Parker's disappointment at not finding gold at Smith Creek after all his hard work. Then I was a goner when Parker visited his grandpa, John Schnabel, and found out Grandpa John had to go to Seattle for some medical issues.
I like how John consoled Parker by saying he still has plenty of time left since he is only 92 years old.  What a man.  And what a grandson too.  Even if he thinks I am a "little bit crazy".  lol.
I refer to what Parker Schnabel said on the two minute clip Discovery Channel aired last night on TV.  LOL

Tour De Stud a.k.a. Gold Rush to Porcupine Tour

We have lots of fun ya'll!  Tee hee hee - maybe next year I will tone down the "southern drawl".

Come join us in Haines, Alaska next summer.  Go to  Gold Rush Tour to Porcupine, on my tour company website (whom I work for).  Rainbow Glacier Adventures hosts many different types of tours, plus all the guides are locals....and "crazy" like me.  We will take great care of you on your visit to Haines, Alaska.  I am the Gold Girl and get to do the Gold Tours exclusively.  yay!

One last thing my friends.  Will you take two seconds and "like" my new Facebook page?
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  1. "Tour Guide Holly" I love you! That was so much fun watching you on TV last night. I was in the other room and Jason was faithfully watching Gold Rush and he starts yelling "Holly's on TV!" I ran into the room but they had already gone to commercial. I called everyone on my speed dial and told them to watch Gold Rush. When you said you got filmed I thought they will have a quick blurb but no they gave you about 5 minutes of TV time and it was awesome. I think we need to get @ChristoDoyle to go on the tour next summer. I sent him a tweet. https://twitter.com/JulieMWallace/status/280008031566188544

    1. Thank you for your support and love! I love you too!

  2. Holly,
    We were so excited to see the tour featured on Discovery. My husband, Darrell, daughter and son-in-law, David and Meghan and I took the tour in August of 2012. It was the highlight of our vacation for me. I enjoyed every minute and was truly excited to get to meet Parker. We think he is an awesome young man and love to get just a peek at his family on the show. Thank you for the lovely tour pictures you sent us. My copy hangs on the wall at my school and has started some interesting conversations about gold mining with my students.

    1. Yes indeed LeAnne, I remember your sweet family visiting us August 10th, 2012. You were a lucky group....getting to meet Parker and all. It is very cool that they showed the tour on TV. Maybe more people will visit us this summer. I am glad you like the card! Say hello to your students!