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Friday, June 14, 2013


Hello Summer Tour Season 2013!  The Cruise Ships are back...making lasting memories for the lucky souls who travel up the Inside Passage of Southeast Alaska.
Haines received our first cruise ship one week early this year, due to the Lynn Canal being too windy for Holland America's Statendam to make it up to Skagway.  Their loss was our gain... but the town still felt a little like "getting caught with our pants down" as we scrambled to get last minute tours together and souvenirs put on the shelves.  It turned out to be a gorgeous sunny day, a great start for what we hope to be one of our best summers yet. Click here to read more

I tour guide for Rainbow Glacier Adventures, and as all the tour companies do, we have been re-certifing, updating permits, and taking refresher training courses for the last two months.

I am the Gold Girl Tour Guide for Rainbow Glacier Adventures, which means I get to guide the Gold Panning Tours to Porcupine Creek.  I feel fortunate to do it because of the neat people I visit at the mines and the cool people who are interested in this kind of tour.  Most guests are big fans of the hit TV show "Gold Rush", which airs on Discovery Channel.  It has high viewing ratings for the last 3 Seasons and they are filming this summer for Season 4.  

The last two summers I took people to Big Nugget Mine where 18 yr old Parker Schnabel showed us how the Schnabel placer mine worked and let us pan for some of his gold.  His 93 yr old Grandfather, John Schnabel, would come for surprise visits once in a while which was a real hoot for me and the tour guests.  If you are a fan of the show then you know Parker Schnabel has decided to try his hand at mining in the Yukon this summer.  So I am pleased to announce....this year I finally get to take people behind the gated mine of Porcupine Creek to meet The Dakota Boys (and gal - Melody).  

As soon as my very smart boss heard Parker Schnabel was leaving us for Canada he approached Dakota Fred with the possibility of letting us come visit his mine.  Dakota Fred welcomed us with open arms!
I have spent the last two summers driving passed the Dakota Boys gated mine, wondering what was happening inside their mine....this year we finally get to see it!

Dakota Fred, Dustin, and Melody are extremely down to earth, kind, hard working people.  It will be fun to see the inside scoop of their mining operation as I take guests to Porcupine Creek Mine this summer.  And they are going to let us pan for gold as well!!!  Yeehaw!

Gold Girl tour guide Holly Jo with Dakota Fred at Porcupine Creek in Haines, Alaska.  If your interested in panning for gold with us go to Rainbow Glacier Adventures in Haines Alaska
or call 877-766-3516 toll free to schedule a tour.  Thank you!


  1. The show is going on,,,,and on......and on...... Everywhere I go people talk about the Gold Rush show. I think people like you Holly, and Dakota Fred are great ambassador's for the show. You make me want to learn more about Haines Alaska and not miss a single episode of the show. Good Luck this year and keep us posted in your most excellent blog.

  2. My 12-year old son is coming on your tour on 7/3 - it's a surprise for his 13th birthday and boy will he ever be surprised when we tell him he's going when we dock that morning!

  3. Oh sounds great Theresa - thanks for giving me the heads up. I will work on making it an extra special visit for him. See you very soon in the Gold Country!