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Saturday, February 16, 2013

John Schnabel Turned A Young 93

Photos removed because people would steal them and use them on questionable web sites.

Well folks, next week is the last show of the season 3 for Gold Rush.  It is time for all the hard working gold miners to hit it big. I don't see how a season 4 will be made....what would they do to make it interesting?  Well, I can think of one way.  I think it would be interesting to have young Parker Schnabel go work a gold mine in the Yukon and be in competition with that young Yukon Gold Miner Girl we saw on Gold Rush Dirt two weeks ago (I can't remember her name).  Maybe they could have a love/hate competition and then fall in love and get married on top of a wash plant.  Hey, that would make it good TV......for women.  This show has been all grease and dirt, where is the romance?  Just kidding.  I know Gold Rush is a MAN SHOW. Click here to read more

Todd Hoffman and crew are now at 720 oz. of gold with that impressive 200 oz clean up. They are getting closer towards their 1000 oz. goal.  Of course, I am rooting for Parker Schnabel to strike it rich.  I want the dirt Grandpa John showed him to be full of gold.  I love it when they have John Schnabel on Gold Rush.  He is my favorite! I don't think his grandson Parker will be jealous of that because he feels the same way.

The man who impressed me most on the show last night was Dakota Fred.  I have got to hand it to him.  He is ONE HARD WORKING GOLD MINER.  He doesn't even let a broken ankle stop him from going for the pay dirt. I hope the Dakota Boys can get to the bottom of the waterfall in the next episode.  I am so curious as to what is at the bottom of that old Porcupine Creek waterfall.  Big Fat Gold Nuggets.....hopefully.

Last Monday (Feb. 11th, 2013), as some of you may know, was Grandpa John's 93rd Birthday.  I felt fortunate to be invited to his party. It was a real treat to hear locals take the mic and tell stories about John Schnabel.  The living, local legend that he is.  I thanked him for letting me be the "gold girl" tour guide, it has been a wonderful experience.  He fed us delicious prime rib and salmon and bought everyone their drinks.  What a stud!  It was a great party and I hope I get to go to all his birthday parties in the future.....especially his 100th birthday.......that will be huge!
I will share with you some footage of John's birthday party that I posted on my Youtube Channel, LovingHainesAlaska.  You can send John a belated birthday card if you like, I know he would love it.  His address is PO BOX 149 Haines, AK.  99827.  Happy Birthday John!


  1. Wish to be there too. He's a superkind man, greetings from Poland

    1. Greetings back Poland - I love that this show is aired Internationally!

  2. Wow,
    did You know that in Yukon there is a Schnabel Creek ?
    Maybe its related to John's family name?

    Its sad that Parker is going to Yukon to Tony Beets and Dakota Fred is going to Cahoon Creek, there will be no working mine in Haines?

    1. I was sad to see Parker go North too....but we are still having a blast on Porcupine Creek....and that is about all I can say at the moment. lol

  3. Would love to meet this amazing man. Reminds me so much of my late grandfather. Show needs more of him.